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Misdemeanor & Felony Defense

Being charged with a crime is frightening. Your freedom, family and finances can all be impacted by a guilty verdict. At Crawford, Modica & Holt, we understand how important a tough and aggressive criminal defense is during this difficult time. For over a decade, we have provided legal counsel for people accused of a range of crimes.

Felony Defense

Did you know if you are convicted of a felony you may not be able to vote, own a firearm, work in certain occupations or even live in certain areas? Having an experienced criminal defense attorney to vigorously represent you and obtain the best possible outcome is critical for your future. Here at Crawford, Modica & Holt, we can review your case and advise you as to your legal rights. Put our experience to work for you.


If you are charged with a misdemeanor, it is important to know your rights. A conviction of even a simple misdemeanor can result in a driver’s license suspension or the loss of firearm rights, if that conviction is domestic in nature. Our team will thoroughly investigate your case, raise any and every possible defense and use our experience to make sure that you are protected.

Probation Violations

Probation is often the punishment for a misdemeanor or felony conviction. It is sometimes also ordered by the court following conclusion of a jail sentence. When on probation, you are required to comply with all terms set by the court and your probation officer in order to successfully complete your term of probation. A probation violation can happen if you fail to appear at court or scheduled meetings, fail to pay fines or restitution as required, fail to perform community service, or if you fail a drug test. If you are charged with another crime during your period of probation, this will also constitute a violation. Violating any term of your probation can result in a warrant for your arrest, having your probation suspended or revoked and could even lead to you receiving the maximum sentence allowed by law. But, every case is different; therefore it is important to seek legal counsel immediately.

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